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Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Top FAQs on Google Ads Conversion Tracking

It’s straightforward, you need to use the Google Tag Assistant browser extension for the below works: Review the tags on the website. Review the events fired. Review the data that is passed through the Data layer. Once you are done with the above, Check the Conversion in Google Ads as well Check the status: Active: Everything is operating as planned. When a conversion activity overview status of "Active" is displayed in green. Needs Attention: The conversion action overview status "Needs attention" is shown by a yellow highlight, signifying that there are actions that need to be taken for this conversion. Not recording: The state of a conversion activity overview is indicated in red when it is "Not recording." This means that either your account isn't allowed or listed (store visits and sales), a measurement platform (such as Google Play, Firebase, Gold, or other third-party platforms) hasn't been linked, or our system hasn't received a ping from your conversion measurement tag in more than 24 hours.
GTM Revolutionizing Website Tracking in 2024 cover

Google Tag Manager: Revolutionizing Website Tracking in 2024

Google Tag Manager makes it simple to handle JavaScript and HTML tags without the need for a developer — or nearly so. You will still need to have a developer put the Tag Manager code on your website. After that, you can add any services or new scripts directly from the Google Tag Manager interface.
A Complete Guide to Tracking and Optimization

Mastering Analytics: A Complete Guide to Tracking and Optimization

Analytics focuses on discovering correlations and trends in data, whereas optimization focuses on cause and effect. However, combining analytics and optimization can be quite beneficial to your organization. So let's look at real-world examples of how to use analytics better to drive testing results.
Everything you need to know about Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Setup Google Ads Conversion Tag with Google Tag Manager – Step by Step Guide

Many of you must have gone through that phase where you believed that your Google Ads campaigns were effective but lacked the necessary data to link the dots. A good Google Ads campaign extends well beyond ad clicks and impressions. When you want to generate leads, sales, and other conversions, you must understand what happens after the click.
Bing Ads Conversion Tracking

The Ultimate Guide to Bing Ads Conversion Tracking and UET Tag

Microsoft Bing Ads Conversion Tracking, also called Microsoft Ads Conversion Tracking, is a crucial tool in the world of digital advertising. It allows advertisers to track and measure the success of their campaigns by monitoring conversions, which are actions that users take on their website or landing page. By implementing Bing Universal Event Tracking tags and conversion tracking effectively, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and optimize them for better results.

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