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Facebook Conversion API: The Guidebook

Facebook Conversion API: The Guidebook (Step-by-step integration of Shopify with WordPress)

The Facebook Pixel is an extremely useful tool for tracking company data on Facebook. Unfortunately, its efficacy has declined in recent years. But all is not lost, due to Facebook conversion API. The Facebook conversion API is another tool in your Facebook data toolkit that works with the Facebook pixel to guarantee you acquire all of the data you require. Together, they enable you to accurately track, attribute, and improve your Facebook marketing success. What is the issue with the pixel?  Ad blockers, cookie blockers, and other masking techniques have started to reduce the amount of data the pixel receives. And now, Apple's iOS 14 upgrade makes it even more difficult to track data using the pixel. The iOS 14 upgrade significantly limits the usage of cookies for tracking on Apple mobile devices. As a result, the pixel will provide you with far less information on how iOS users interact with your business. You may be unaware that someone has clicked through from Facebook to your website. Do not panic. Continue reading to learn how to use the Facebook conversion API to preserve data, assign attributions, and target users. Before moving any further, we should learn about certain basic terms which will be used in this blog.
GTM Revolutionizing Website Tracking in 2024 cover

Google Tag Manager: Revolutionizing Website Tracking in 2024

Google Tag Manager makes it simple to handle JavaScript and HTML tags without the need for a developer — or nearly so. You will still need to have a developer put the Tag Manager code on your website. After that, you can add any services or new scripts directly from the Google Tag Manager interface.

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